BANG, intelligible communication & hearing protection


Introducing BANG

The ear is an advanced and very sensitive organ. However, it has not evolved fast enough to support all situations faced by modern soldiers and security forces. Earplugs that were created in 1939, to fight against noise-induced hearing loss are not an answer for their needs. In 2016, Cotral Defense & Communication, in partnership with well-known Institut Saint-Louis (ISL) military research laboratory, introduced BANG.
On the field, a soldier with a perfect communication system and situational awareness has a tactical, sometimes vital, advantage.

BANG: to protect the military personnel of defense, security and Special Forces.

Keeping the audition under control in a challenging environment

Be alert to danger - Mitigate the sound of detonations

Stay connected with peers and commandment

Receive clear instructions – Send real-time vital data


Both Communication & Hearing Protection

Soldiers in combat will not have to choose anymore between communication and protection. Bang allows for an utmost level of protection in rapidly changing noise environment. The smart tactical system heightens the ability to communicate even in the most difficult situations on the field. Thus, irreversible hearing loss could be avoided.

Intelligibility is critical

Crystal clear understanding of information coming from different communication channels is a must for soldiers. With BANG, surrounding noise is not an obstacle for communication with commandment or other field players.

injured fighter

Keep soldiers safe

Soldiers face more and more challenging and dangerous situations. To be able to localize them and bring assistance whenever required is critical, BANG allows for health monitoring.

BANG, tactical custom earbuds

Augmented Digital Hearing

Upon analysis of the user’s hearing ability, the system corrects slightly the sound on any frequencies whenever necessary.

Tactical Digital Hearing

Dynamic attenuation which adapts to the level of background noise with a clear and pleasant sound.

Data Collection

BANG collects the user’s health indicators in real time. Such information is critical to keep the soldiers safe. Noise is also captured in and outside the ears to provide a fine analysis of the user’s noise exposure levels.

Custom Made Comfort

BANG is backed by 25 years of R&D and the highest level of technology for custom made in-ear devices. The 3D printed in-ear device guarantee a comfortable continuous wearing and a perfect seal.

Full Intelligibilty & 3D Sound

Enjoy hand free, full duplex and crystal clear communication while perfectly protected from noise. The 3D sound is “re-spatialized” in order for the soldiers to have a better understanding of which communication channel the sound is coming from.